Lakers Considered Among Biggest “Losers” of Free Agency

The Los Angeles Lakers' struggles in free agency earned them a dishonorable mention on ESPN.
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The Los Angeles Lakers have missed out on key free agents this offseason. Entering Day 6 of free agency, the Lakers are yet to sign a free agent or execute a trade to improve the roster. They were reportedly interested in Klay Thompson and Buddy Hield but lost both players to Western Conference rivals.

The lack of activity by GM Rob Pelinka and the front office has begun to frustrate Lakers fans. There aren't too many high-profile free agents left on the market. This has also resulted in a ton of criticism in the media towards the Lakers. In fact, Chris Herring of ESPN called the Lakers one of the "biggest losers" of free agency so far.

NBA News: Lakers Among the "Losers" of Free Agency

LeBron James had reportedly said he was willing to take a pay cut for substantial improvements to the roster. The fact that the Lakers haven't been able to convince any free agents to come to Los Angeles despite the allure of LeBron James certainly makes them one of the losers of free agency.

"It's a disappointing reality- the Lakers with two aging but remarkably healthy superstars, and a supporting cast not deep enough for true contention. "

Chris Herring, ESPN

There is still plenty of time left in the offseason. The Lakers have some trade assets to pull off a couple of moves. D'Angelo Russell and some draft capital, including their 2029 and 2031 first-round picks, will likely be traded. How impactful of a player a package like that can net in return remains to be seen.

One name that Herring mentions in his article is DeMar DeRozan. The Lakers are reportedly interested but the All-Star forward has multiple suitors. Things will take an ugly turn if they also miss out on him.

Sure, they can acquire the likes of Jerami Grant, Collin Sexton, or Kyle Kuzma, but those are unlikely to bring the Lakers back into contention in the loaded Western Conference.

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