Lakers Front Office Already Setting JJ Redick Up To Fail

The Los Angeles Lakers may have their next head coach but they aren't doing him any favors with their reported approach.
Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers seemingly have their next head coach. All signs point to the fact that J.J. Redick will be officially announced in the upcoming weeks, most likely once the NBA Finals are done.

This is certainly a risky move. Redick is a first-time head coach with no prior experience as an assistant. He therefore needs all the support he can get from the organization and the front office. It turns out, however, that might not be the case.

Edwin Garcia of Silver Screen and Roll highlighted what the Lakers' top brass is thinking about in terms of Redick's coaching staff. According to what Dan Woike of the LA Times said on a podcast, the Lakers front office will reportedly be involved in staffing and invest more resources in it.

"I think the front office is going to be more involved with staffing than they were with Darvin Ham and it seems like they’re going to put more resources behind it financially, too."

Dan Woike, LA Times

On the surface, this may seem like a good approach. A first-time head coach needs high-level assistants to make his transition more seamless.

However, whether Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka is competent enough to hire the right assistant coaches is another question. It's not like this front office has nailed all of their key decisions in recent years.

They fumbled the roster construction when they traded for Russell Westbrook. They had to fire their last two head coaches Frank Vogel and Darvin Ham before their contracts were up. It may not be a good thing to have the front office more involved.

Plus, the Lakers are reportedly high on Redick and his potential as a head coach. They reportedly think of him as a potential Pat Riley figure within the franchise. If that is the case, why wouldn't you want him to hire his own staff?

If you trust Redick enough to make him your next head coach despite no prior experience, you need to be able to trust him to get the staffing right. You can't put him in a situation with high-profile assistants that could make him feel like his job is in jeopardy at any given time.

Which direction the Lakers decide to go with their coaching staff remains to be seen but let's hope Redick is given a chance to show what he is capable of.

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