One JJ Redick Hater Already Changing Their Tune

JJ Redick has a lot of haters before he has even coached his first game as the Lakers head coach.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers' decision to hire first-time head coach JJ Redick was a controversial one. The fact that Redick has only worked as a podcaster and TV analyst since he retired from professional basketball was considered to be not sufficient experience to be the head coach of the Lakers. This naturally brought about a ton of criticism around the league and the media.

One of those names was former Laker and JJ Redick teammate Jared Dudley. Now an assistant coach under Jason Kidd with the Dallas Mavericks, Dudley took a shot at Redick earlier in the week. Stating his dream to be an NBA head coach one day, the 39-year-old had said that not everyone is as lucky as Redick to get that opportunity right away.

On Tuesday night, he took to social media to clarify his comments. Saying that "JJ is my guy", Dudley showed some excitement about his former teammate's new job.

Jared Dudley Walks Back Disrespectful JJ Redick Comments

Dudley being bitter about Redick is somewhat understandable. He has been one of the lead assistant coaches in Dallas for the past three seasons and he has been a respected locker room and bench presence in the league for a long time. For someone who has a desire to be a head coach in the NBA, it can probably be frustrating to see people get an opportunity you think you deserve before them.

Having experience doesn't make someone a good head coach. Similarly, not having coached before doesn't immediately make someone an unqualified person for the job. The track record for first-time head coaches who haven't been an assistant before is a mixed bag. Steve Kerr was an immediate success while Steve Nash's tenure in Brooklyn was a disaster, and Jason Kidd had to fail a few times before proving himself to be an elite head coach.

The Lakers hope that Redick follows Kerr's path but considering their lack of offseason activity, Redick may have a tough road ahead of him in his first season.

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