Rich Paul Shuts Down LeBron James-Suns Free Agency Rumors

Rich Paul made it known Wednesday that LeBron James isn't signing a vet-minimum deal with the Suns.
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

With the 2023-24 NBA season in the books, teams and fans look forward to the 2024 NBA Draft and free agency. Over the last month, there’s been a lot of discussion about Bronny James, the son of LeBron, and where he could end up in the draft.

Up to this point, the two teams linked to Bronny have been the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns. Most people believe that if the Lakers were to take Bronny with one of their two picks in the draft, it would signify LeBron re-signing with the club.

At the same time, if Bronny were to be drafted by the Suns, who he worked out for, there’s this belief by fans that LeBron could come to Phoenix to play with Kevin Durant, Bradley Beal, and Devin Booker.

While the idea of LeBron playing for the Phoenix sounds wild, Lakers fans don’t have to worry about that scenario, according to his agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports. In an in-depth interview with Jonathan Givony of ESPN, Paul discussed Bronny James’ draft process and made a significant point about LeBron’s future.

"“LeBron is off this idea of having to play with Bronny. If he does, he does. But if he doesn't, he doesn't. There's no deal made that it's guaranteed that if the Lakers draft Bronny at 55, he (LeBron) will re-sign. If that was the case, I would force them to take him at 17. We don't need leverage. The Lakers can draft Bronny, and LeBron doesn't resign. LeBron is also not going to Phoenix for a minimum deal. We can squash that now.”"

Rich Paul

The fact Paul had to shut down the notion of LeBron potentially going to Phoenix for a minimum deal came out of left field. While he’s right, in that they don’t need leverage, it won’t stop people from thinking that LeBron won’t follow his son to wherever he gets drafted.

It’s also laughable to think James would take a vet minimum with another team not named the Lakers at this point of his career. With the Lakers looking like they are zeroing in on JJ Redick being the next head coach, it’s likely James is sticking with the purple and gold.

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