Surprise LeBron James Report Emerges Amid Lakers' Head Coach Search

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new head coach but the latest report regarding the search is a bit surprising.
Nov 8, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA;  Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) sits on the bench
Nov 8, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) sits on the bench / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers' offseason has already started after they were sent packing in the first round of the 2024 Playoffs by the Denver Nuggets.

Once the season ended, a bunch of questions regarding the team rose. Los Angeles parted ways with Darvin Ham and his entire coaching staff.

The future of LeBron James looms and D'Angelo Russell is expected to opt-out to become a free agent.

Before the Lakers can figure out anything else regarding the team, they need to hire a new head coach. The latest report regarding the coaching search will leave some fans a bit shocked.

Lakers News: LeBron James Won't Be Involved in Coaching Search

Shams Charania of the Athletic and Stadium was on 'RunItBackFDVT' and acknowledged that LeBron James won't be included in the head coaching search.

Charania said, "I'm told LeBron James is not involved in the Lakers head coaching search...James has made it clear that this is the organization's decision, he's had no conversions with the Lakers about JJ Redick."

It has always been the assumption that James would play a big role in the search as he's the best player on the team.

In addition, James is a great friend of J.J. Redick, who is a top candidate for the job. Those two recently launched their own podcast called 'Mind the Game'.

The 39-year-old is expected to opt out of his deal to become a free agent this summer. Los Angeles is going to do everything in their power to keep James around but they won't be having his input in the choice of the next head coach.

Throughout his career, James has been given the reputation of being the 'unofficial general manager' so maybe he wants to change that narrative.

The choice of the next head coach may also have an impact on James' decision during free agency.

The four-time NBA Champion has been in Los Angeles for six seasons, averaging 27 points, 7.9 rebounds, and eight assists per game.

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