Michael Castillo


Sports have always been my escape. From watching every single afternoon Cubs game as a child on WGN, to having USC football season tickets, I’ve never steered too far away from them. I played Little League for seven years before realizing I was a better observer than participant, and the same was the case with high school football, as I attended every game despite never building the courage to go out for the team.

I’ve always loved writing, whether it was little storybooks of the Cubs winning the World Series as a kid, or essays on the circumvention of salary caps in college, so running a blog was always in the cards, even if it was subconsciously. I started at the beginning of 2009, getting my feet with a site on Blogspot which was syndicated on the not-so-critically acclaimed Bleacher Report(I know, I know). It wasn’t until I finished my first year at the University of Southern California, that I decided to really take the next step and write on a semi-full-time basis. So I started this site in May of 2011, and a month later joined the FanSided Network, and started to meet great people all along the way.

As an art student at one of the most prestigious universities in the country, being a sportswriter/blogger isn’t exactly expected or understood, but I’m making the best of it. In addition to my duties as the Lead Editor of The 110 Report, I’m the Assistant Director of FanSided’s NCAA Network, and also the resident graphic designer, as you can see my logo designs of sites like A Royal Pain, Around the Foghorn, Clones Confidential, Go Joe Bruin and Hotspur HQ, to name a few. Whether or not art or writing is the field I want to devout my life to is still a question that’s on the horizon, and I plan on somehow linking the two in some fashion. But for now, I enjoying having my blog, and my art life a wee bit separate, sans the logos of course.

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