Could The Kings Win It All Again?


We all know that feeling of being down for the count, but when it comes to the NHL — particularly within the Los Angeles Kings — that feeling seems to be experienced few and far between.

After winning last season’s Stanley Cup in a playoff performance for the ages, the Los Angeles Kings are at it once more to try and prove that they are the biggest, baddest bunch in professional hockey.

And they’re doing a scary good job of proving their point.

After a postseason performance that included three victories in Game 7’s on the road and an improbable series victory against the rival San Jose Sharks in the first round after losing the first three games, the Kings showed they know a thing or two about getting their hands dirty. And as we’ve seen the Western Conference, especially in the Kings’ own Pacific Division, get tougher each year, the way the Kings played during last season as well as in 2012 when they won their first-ever Stanley Cup can’t afford to go anywhere any time soon.

Not if they expect to win big, at least.

And after Sunday night’s fall to the Winnipeg Jets, it’s time the Kings got down to the royal end of business.

As it stands right now, the Kings (29-21-12) would surprisingly miss the playoffs. With 70 points to their credit and 20 games left in the regular season, the good news is that they still have some time to make up lost ground. The Minnesota Wild currently hold the final playoff spot out west that the Kings are looking to call their own but with the way that the Wild have been putting on a clinic recently it will not be an easy fight.

But hey, don’t tell me that the kings aren’t all about fighting uphill battles

Despite the chaos, the Kings somehow seem to still eat, sleep, and breathe unprecedented victories.

Other surprises from the hotly contested Pacific Division include the surging Calgary Flames as well as the vigilant Vancouver Canucks. On one side of the coin, the Flames have what it takes to make it to the playoffs it just depends on if teams like the Kings can catch fire the way we have seen it happen before and also if the San Jose Sharks (who are also currently out of the playoffs–two points behind the Kings) can make a comeback of their own.

But we’ll just have to wait and see.

On the flip side, Vancouver has been facing some goalie issues as of late and will have to trust in replacement-in-chief Eddie Lack who is stepping in net for the injured Ryan Miller. With Miller in net, the Canucks seemed to be on the right path but then Miller got hurt — and with that kind of an injury at this point in the season things tend to get a bit shaky, especially with your fan base.

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Miller is still expected to miss several weeks so his injury could be the key to the Canucks having a fall from grace and the Kings sneaking in again into post-season action.

The Kings next game is against the Oilers this Tuesday and will be played in Edmonton.

Let the games begin.