Jeremy Lin Getting More Comfortable With Los Angeles Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers took on Jeremy Lin’s contract in the summer mainly because he came attached with two future draft picks in 2015. In actuality the Lakers were to hoping acquire the player that rocked Madison Square Garden in 2012.

Unfortunately Lin’s time in Los Angeles has been consistently inconsistent. For whatever reason he could not gel alongside Kobe Bryant or mesh with coach Byron Scott. He could not grasp the game plan which ultimately led to his demotion to the bench. Lin drew extensive criticism from everyone imaginable.

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It seems the winds have changed for the 26-year-old. Five games out of the All-Star break and “he’s really started to get in a little bit of a groove,” according to the Laker coach. Lin is averaging 17.5 points and 5 assists while shooting 49-percent from the floor.

Lin seems to have a better understanding of the philosophy that Coach Scott expected of him. The fourth-year pro has been more aggressive and decidedly determined in attacking the basket. During this five game stretch he has got to to the line 28 times. His new-found confidence is what was lacking from Lin’s game.

Lin has been ineffective since “Linsanity” because he’s been paired with ball dominant stars such as Carmelo Anthony, James Harden and Bryant. His form can easily be traced to him taking over the ball-handling duties for the Laker offense. Even though he’s coming off the bench, he’s found chemistry with every player on the floor.

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  • For the season his numbers equate to a bench player (10 points, 2.5 rebounds, 4.6 assists). This may be unpopular to some, but if he continues his fine form in the remaining 24 games, I can see Lin sticking around. The Lakers could use Lin’s services next year off their bench. Obviously not at his current salary but at a more reasonable price.

    Lin could continue to be useful off the bench or he may get another shot at competing for the starting job again. Bryant is going to return next season a year older. He’s willing to concede the ball as Kobe’s legs carry nearly twenty years of mileage on them. Lin is effective when the ball is in his hands.

    He’s really started to get in a little bit of a groove.

    Lin has endured a tough first year in Los Angeles but his teammates have remained by his side. At a dismal 16-42, the Lakers play hard enough to stay in games. They’ve been in many close contests and they have managed to keep positive. It rubbed many people the wrong way when Nick Young and Jordan Hill video-bombed Lin’s interview after they defeated the Boston Celtics. I saw camaraderie and togetherness amongst the group.

    The club has been decimated by injuries and the only positive outcome for this season is to retain their top-5 pick. Lin has a few games left to show the organization that he belongs in the purple and gold.