Is Byron Scott Doing The Best With What He Has?


This season has been a historically terrible one for the Los Angeles Lakers, but is that the fault of their coach? Their roster? Maybe both?

Though they aren’t winning, the Lakers don’t appear to have given up just yet, although constantly flirting with the idea of being last place in the West, Scott has his team at least competing on a nightly basis. That’s more, at least, than a certain Brian Shaw could say, as the Denver Nuggets laughed in the face of effort until he was fired. Scott also appears to have put his foot down with this team, something not overly abundant in today’s NBA. An example would be when he earlier relegated guard Nick Young to the bench for acting overly Nick Young-like on multiple occasions.

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Although hope of this team making the playoffs, or contending in any way faded long ago, Scott hasn’t put his mind into neutral. As he continues to try to make the most of the season, developing rookie point-guard Jordan Clarkson, as well as testing the waters with guard Jeremy Lin to see if possibly this tandem of guards might be part of a solution in LA.

Furthermore, the Lakers have been riddled with injuries this season — with season-ending injuries to Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle, and Ronnie Price.

Would the Lakers be in the playoff mix with these players still on the court? No, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

On the other end of the spectrum, Scott has had virtually no real success as a head coach, and his hiring was not met with too much positive reception in Laker land. And, despite having some positive juice this season, this is not what the Lakers wanted. A few more cracks at the playoffs to send Kobe Bryant out on along with a definite future star would’ve been more to the franchise’s liking — but none of that is Scott’s fault.

Also, it’s not Scott’s fault that this organization still believes in the fact that they’re the Lakers, so big-name free-agents will surely come. Scott has a realistic view of the situation in LA, and the front-office should adopt it as well.

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Though Scott will likely have no say in what goes on both on draft night and in free-agency, he should — as he may bring a level of reason and perspective to an owner and general manager that appear to have none at the moment.

Is it a good system? Hard to tell, but if the players are still buying into it, that’s deserving of at least a little credit, though not even in the NBA’s bloated playoffs will moral victories be enough to slip in, they should be, in this case, regarded as a positive for a team full of negatives.

Bottom Line: Bryon Scott has done with this team what a lot of other coaches could not

Will Byron Scott be the Lakers’ coach next season? Only time will tell, but if they intend on firing him, Lakers fans should hold their breath and pray that another Mike Brown situation doesn’t arise. Although, with this front-office, it very well may if they elect to move on from Scott with the “maybe Phil will come back” thought in mind.

No Mitch Kupchak, Phil is not coming back.

As for Byron Scott, I say keep up the moderate work;  it’s better than most would do were they in your shoes.