MLB Will Not Suspend Los Angeles Angels OF Josh Hamilton


NBC News reported Friday, “Major League Baseball just announced that Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton will not receive discipline for the recent drug relapse.”

This is great news for the Angels who will now have their lefty outfielder back  after a long and complicated relapse that almost got him suspended. Hamilton will have ample time to get himself right after his latest relapse. The Angels’ OF is also recovering from shoulder surgery which kept him away from Spring Training. NBC also reported that the decision was made “on the arbitrator’s interpretation of Section 4(C) of the Joint Drug Agreement,” which deals with players treatment programs.

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Hamilton’s eventual return is huge for the Angels because Hamilton, one of their star hitters and fielders, will be coming back into the organization and be eligible to play this 2015 season, closing the gap that could have existed if he was suspended.

Clearly Hamilton realized that he made a mistake and through his cooperation in the relapse process, he proved that he deserves a second chance. Some may disagree, but all players and all people deserve a second chance (or three or four), especially when their career lies on the line.

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  • With Josh Hamilton eligible to play, the question is being asked as to where he will play and if he will start. Manager Mike Scioscia will have time to ponder Hamilton’s place on the team, once he’s healthy. For obvious reasons he will not start on Opening Day. The most important thing for Hamilton is to get his life straightened out before he can resume his baseball career.

    Hamilton’s stats speak for themselves when he has nearly batted .300 for the past eight seasons with an average of 24 home runs; this includes the 43 that he hit in the 2012 season. So, the Angels are lucky to have him back in their organization and we can hope that he will come out and perform in a manner that is worthy of his contract.

    What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you agree with the arbitrator’s ruling on this, or do you think that there needs to be further investigation. Do you feel that a man can come back from a relapse (again) like this and still be able to hit .300?

    My answer to these questions is that I have great confidence that Hamilton is going to come back and work hard to do his best this season to honor the decision of the arbitrator.