Los Angeles Angels: What’s Next For Mike Trout After Hitting 100th HR?


NBC Sports reported that “Angels outfielder Mike Trout‘s…two-run home run off of Astros starter Roberto Hernandez was the 100th of the 23-year-old’s…career.” This record home run, combined with the 104 stolen bases that Trout has, reset the record that Yankees Alex Rodriguez had set at age 23; making Trout the youngest man in the MLB to hit 100 home runs.

This influential showcase of Trout’s power and speed is proof that the Angels organization made a very wise decision to sign Trout in 2009. Since then, Trout has maintained a solid batting average and has continually been the crown jewel for the Angels.

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This is further evidence that Trout could likely be winning another MVP this year, but it is still very early in the season. Though, Trout already has a .438 AVG. with 14 hits, 4 RBI’s, and 1 home-run, before tonight’s game.

Within the first hour of this home run, social media was blowing up with comments, congratulations, and cheers for the breaking of this record. On Twitter, @Alden_Gonzales tweeted saying “Don’t be alarmed. The #Angels have safely retrieved Mike Trout’s 100th home run ball.” What some fans don’t realize though is that it’s not only the 100 home runs that he has hit, but the 104 stolen bases that make this record so influential and amazing for Trout.

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  • Trout’s ability to steal 104 bases when he weighs in at 235 and stands at 6-foot-2 is extremely impressive and adds to his potential to be one of the most dangerous runners on the bases in all of baseball. A man with his reputation for hitting and running leaves pitchers in a bind when Trout comes up to the plate.

    Pitchers will have to decide between pitching to the dangerous righty or risk intentionally walking him, leaving room for him to steal more bases. He is the type of player who pitchers have to study in order to not be in critical situations where they risk either a home run or a stolen base.

    Trout has become very well known for his bat, his legs, and his glove and he truly has earned the respect he has gained in the baseball world.

    What is the next step?

    What is his next step though? Is Trout going to continue to have an excellent season and prove himself even more than he has? My prediction is that Trout is going to continue to tear it up and continue to put up the kind of stats that brings home his paycheck.

    We can be sure that Trout is going to be working hard to ensure his health and the security of his career in MLB. He has great potential to be one of the best players in the great game of baseball, because he has had such a great start from his rookie year to this strong, steady year.

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    If he continues on the course he is on, Trout could finish this season with a solid .320-.350 AVG. and with 200 hits and possibly 40 home runs. This is a definite possibility for Trout because he is on the right track.

    This point in the year is critical for Trout because this is going to set him up for future years in MLB and set him up for future success. The Angels organization should be proud to be the holders of contracts such as Trout’s and Pujol’s because they add a great deal of talent to the team.

    We can be sure that we will be seeing Trout’s name in the headlines in the near future, so stay tuned and ready yourself for a great season for MLB’s reigning AL MVP. The Trout-led Angels will certainly be viable contenders for the pennant and hoisting the most significant piece of hardware in the sport; the World Series.

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