Paul Pierce Reuniting With Doc Rivers Would Be A Dream Come True


It wouldn’t exactly be a homecoming for Paul Pierce, but it would be a reunion worth watching and would probably play out for the better.

If Doc Rivers needed any other motivation to do well in 2016 other than his job will be on the line from many aspects, the fact that he could have Paul Pierce back in his hands is a huge plus.

Rivers and Pierce were two huge reasons that the Boston Celtics had the success they had during the days of the lineup lead by Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo.

Heck, let’s not forget Ray Allen was part of the party too.

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In a trip to the Clippers, Pierce, who’s an Oakland native, would have plenty of weapons around him to not only make himself a better player in the closing stages of his career, but he’d have and give what it takes to make the Clippers a true contender.

And on top of his experience, the bad boy attitude would be the perfect compliment to Lance Stephenson.

A man who, for lack of a better way to say it, speaks for himself and leaves it all on the court.

In his own unique way, of course.

Aside from the serious swagger Paul Pierce brings to the table, if he’s anything in the playoffs like he was for the Wizards then I can guarantee you the Clippers have an insanely higher chance of going deep in the next set of playoffs.

After all, both Pierce and Rivers have a take it and run with it attitude.

And it’s about time someone joined the party that knows Doc well enough to make the offense run like it’s supposed to, especially considering that the Clippers are more than fine on the defensive end of things (assuming everyone stays healthy, of course).

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  • In Game 6 at home against the Atlanta Hawks in round two of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Pierce nearly did it all himself again, as he was half a fingertip away from keeping D.C. in it for a Game 7 back in the ATL.

    He already had a buzzer-beater against the Hawks in the series — a Game 3 fade away that was Washington’s second and final win of the series.

    If Game 6’s shot had gone in, that makes him solely responsible for two playoff wins deep in the Eastern Conference.

    Can you imagine what would change if he could do that just once for the Clippers?

    I promise you that LA wishes they had had him on deck to try and finish off the Houston Rockets, but that just simply wasn’t the case.

    Moving forward, you’d have to think that a move like this benefits the Wizards pretty well, too.

    Bottom Line: This needs to happen — ASAP

    With a young core of Wall and Beal running the show, Pierce’s epic antics were bound to interfere with the nation’s capitol’s best players — but the good thing is the truth don’t change.

    Good thing that’s his nickname.