LA Reign Competes In GRID Match At Anaheim Convention Center


As our world is beginning to get acquainted with the high-intensity sport, cross-fit, the new sport GRID has emerged and is rapidly becoming very popular.

There are eight nationwide teams in the National Pro Grid League (NPGL), one of which being our very own LA Reign who competed against the Phoenix Rise over the weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center.

GRID is a high-paced, cross-fit based sport which combines Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics in a race through a four-quadrant course of intense physical challenges.

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Each team has 10 members (five men and five women), but what is interesting is that each team must have a member who is over 40 years old.

This week as our LA Reign took on the Phoenix Rise, they faced some challenges such as the Kona Race which was this weeks set up for the match.

The Kona consists of 11 races which are: the Partner Forward, the Mirror, the Women’s Echo, the Men’s Echo, the Ladder, Jack and Jill, the Women’s Triad, the Men’s Triad, and the Sprint Relay.

Jon White, the chief marketing officer and co-founder, describes this race as “one of the hardest setups” but he “love[s] it because it’s high-paced and challenging.”

During race 6, he  explained that “the great thing about Grid is that you’re never out of it” even when a team is struggling because the sport always allows for comebacks in the later rounds.

NPGL’s Brittany Ghiroli shared that “under new coach Max Mormont, LA started off well, taking a Race 1 win in front of a big crowd of Reign fans…[but managed to get the] 16-14 [win], over the LA Reign on Sunday afternoon.” Being such a close and intense match, it was heartbreaking for the Reign to be tied 13-13 at the end of the 10th round and not be able to secure the win.

Taylor Drescher, one of the Reign’s strongest female athletes, expressed her disappointment after the match that she “literally dropped the ball” referring to race 11 in which one objective is to sprint across the course while carrying a 50-150lb “stone.”

Drescher is not only a competitive pro Grid athlete, but she is also a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. She says that “doing Grid makes me a better Marine and being a Marine makes me better at Grid, so it balances out.”

Both her grandfather and her father were in the Marines, “so there was no other option of another branch.”

It was inspiring to see her dedication to both Grid and the USMC and she is actively sharing that inspiration with all those around her.

The NPGL provided a section of seats for Marines who came out to support her at the match and I was reminded that this really is an amazing country that still has respect for her soldiers.

Grid is the new sports revolution, but this revolution cannot continue without your support, so look the NPGL up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and spread the word about this awesome and exciting sport.

Feel free to check out the LA Reign website here for more information and tickets.