USC Trojans Open The Season With Strong Showing At Home


The long wait and anticipation for football has finally ended.

No, the National Football League has’t begun, but college football has gotten under way.

This time of the year is like Christmas for the sports world, because the sport of football brings excitement to the fans, but also brings unbelievable moments and memories that will never be forgotten.

The college football season opened up last Thursday with a variety of great games.

For the USC Trojans, they began their quest for their team’s first ever college football playoff berth, with an interesting match up with the Arkansas State Red Wolves of the Sun Belt League.

Now, most people would think this shouldn’t be a real challenge for the Trojans.

I agree to a point, but as a Trojans fan, you can’t have that mindset when it comes to football.

Last year, the Trojans were favorite to win the Pac-12 South, and a playoff berth, but were heartbroken in the third week of the season, when they lost to the Boston College Eagles, who weren’t favorite to win.

Before the game even started, I thought of not even watching the game, because I knew we were going to crush them.

I ended up watching the game, because I didn’t want to be an unfaithful Trojans fan, and I wanted to watch USC dominate Boston College, but that didn’t happen.

I and other Trojans fans were overwhelmed, even astonished, as we watched Boston College beat up on the Trojans in every aspect of the game.

Which was shocking to see, as the Trojans came off a strong win against a great Stanford team the week before.

So, now I take every opponent into consideration, which I should’ve known already, since you can never be ready for what’s going to happen.

Anyways, let’s forget about last year, and move on.

This year is a different story for the Trojans.

The Trojans this year have what I believe is a better team then they had last year, and have a more experienced quarterback, and coach to led them to the promised land.

Don’t get me wrong, the Trojans had a great team last year, but they just didn’t have as much experience, or depth then other teams had, which went against them.

The Trojans opened the season with a big win over the Arkansas State Red Wolves.

JuJu Smith-Schuster scored the first touchdown of the game, with a pass from Cody Kessler.

Cody Kessler lead the way for the Trojans the rest of the half throwing 3 touchdowns, and going 13/18 with a total of 189 yards.

"Cody Kessler had the most efficient season in USC school history with 70% completions and 3,826 yards last year"

Tre Madden added to the lead with the first rushing touchdown for the Trojans this year, and ended the first half with 105 yards (finished the game with 106 yards).

USC went into halftime with a 28-0 lead.

Arkansas State opened the second half with a 9- yard rushing touchdown from Michael Gordon, and failed the 2-point conversion to finally put some points on the board.

Trojans lead 28-6.

From then on, the second half went exactly how the firs half went, with the Trojans dominating on both sides of the ball.

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In the second half, Kessler added one more touchdown to his stats, ending the night going 19/26 with 236 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

Running backs Ronald Jones II and Aca’Cedric Ware both also ran their way into the end zone in the second half.

The Trojans won 55-6.

My takeaway’s from the Trojans, started off with how much talent, and depth they have stacked at every position.

The Trojans O-line is one of the best in country, and their run game will be a good as last year, with Tre Madden leading the way.

Cody Kessler could put the same stats as last year, but needs to work on his location of the ball, as he over threw his receivers plenty of times in the game, which could’ve gone for touchdowns.

The Trojans defense forced four turnovers in their first game, and helped in the big win.

Bottom Line: the trojans came to play.

On the other hand, the Trojans defense is going to be the back bone of the Trojans this year, and will help out Kessler if he makes mistakes on the offense, and could help them win plenty of games this year.