LA Lakers Ready For MSG


The LA Lakers will be taking on the new-look Knicks in Madison Garden today at 12:30 PT.

We see the Knicks as a team who are always in last place and always rebuilding.

Back in the past, they were making the playoffs and even won an NBA championship 40 years ago.

You, as well as I, would think after being one of the worst teams in the league last year there would be reason to keep attaching the negative poor play stigma to them.

However this year, unlike last year, there have been moves that are more significant and the players have had time to connect and gain chemistry together.

They are a young team — minus Carmelo Anthony.

Therefore, there is reason for them do good this year with the players they drafted and traded for.

You are probably wondering why I am talking about the Knicks a lot instead of the Lakers.

The reason is that New York Knicks president Phil Jackson led the Lakers to quite a few championships as a head coach.

A fun fact is when the Lakers travel to Madison Square Garden many guards seem to have historic nights.

Including LA’s very own Kobe Bryant.

For the Lakers this is good news.

After their first win their next game they go play the Knicks with history on their side.

It’s hard to think that the Lakers won’t go off and win.

Did I mention they are going to make the playoffs?

Seriously, let me get back to the Lakers now.

The team looked like a decent playoff contending move even with players who departed from the team from the year before.

As well as the players who got injured, particularly Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant.

Randle was injured in the very first game.

Bryant was injured toward the end of the season.

Once Randle went down playoff chances were slim because there was just something about him and he was able to transfer his game from college to the pros then he was out for the season.

With that, then Kobe played many minutes and his minutes went up more than normal because the Lakers were thinking playoffs and not his health then he got injured was out for the rest of the season.

The team did okay with out both of them but then didn’t make the playoffs.

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This year both are healthy and been doing good in the first five games.

The Lakers had a rough season and will do better this season.

With a new-look team and the rebuilding they started last year they made some good moves as well to help them out and make them a younger team with Kobe.

The Lakers drafted point guard D’Angelo Russell out of Ohio State to add some energy along with others and made some decent trades.

These trades can help attract other NBA greats to come play with Kobe and for the Lakers.

One great move was acquiring Lou Williams from the Toronto Raptors.

This is a great move because he can play the 1,  2, and 3 positions, shoot the ball and play defense.

As well as earning the sixth-man of the year award.

He was coming into his prime as a player and on his way to become in my opinion of the most durable and good players striving to be great.

I can see him being great and just the way he plays now will and can attract other good and great players to come to LA alongside him and Kobe.

A fun fact — James Harden won the sixth man of the year award at one point.

Look at him now.

Bottom Line: MSG is the place to be.

He then was traded to the Houston Rockets where he became their franchise player and his talent exploded and his strengths and talents were sued to benefit him and the organization.

Even last year, with then first year player Julius Randle who was drafted to help bring the presence of the Laker toughness back alongside with then-Laker Jordan Hill and Kobe Bryant before he was injured.

But above all else, the point is that Madison Square Garden is exactly where the Lakers need to be.