USC Trojans Preparing For Bruins


In their latest outing, the USC Trojans found a way to make a fool of Arizona and claimed their next victim.

It seems as if the Clay Helton era is working out pretty well for USC football.

After taking over as head coach in place of Steve Sarkisian, Helton has helped guide the team to a now three-game winning streak.

And if they hadn’t lost his first game as head coach on the road against Notre Dame — a game that they had every right to win and nearly pulled off — they’d be on a four game tear.

Their latest win comes against a middle-of-the-road program in the University of Arizona.

Their biggest win obviously is the one at home over the Utah Utes, but their consistency is what needs to be given praise as things stand right now.

Finally, now that there isn’t off-the-field issues to worry about within the coaching ranks, the Trojans seem to all be on one accord and we are seeing the kind of damage this team is capable of.

If they hadn’t lost to the Irish, they’d only be a two-loss team.

Other than that, they let a game escape from their grasps late against the Washington Huskies and that leaves only one legitimate loss.


If not for tumultuous circumstances outside of football, this USC team would be competing for its own rights to be in the college football playoff season.

But there’s no point in getting hooked on the hypothetical.

Instead, the Trojans now look to be the best kind of dark horses — the favorites.

Heading into the last patch of games in 2015, the Trojans can finish in stride and end the season with an exclamation mark.

Against none other than their Southern California rival in UCLA.

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The Bruins have been having his own kind of success lately, but it’s hard to gauge at this point in time how he’d be able to handle the pressure from the Trojans’ defensive set up.

The game will carry more weight this season than any memorable years prior, and for good reason.

Jim Mora is on the verge of making UCLA a legitimate football team and the Trojans are looking to take the last couple steps to regaining their edge.

And if what we’ve seen so far is any indication of the kind of pace they can play at, the Trojans are going to be a headache for anybody else in the game.

Before the UCLA game, USC goes up against Colorado and Oregon — two programs that haven’t met their 2015 expectations, to say the least.

Bottom Line: UCLA is going to have their hands full.

That gives them plenty of room to prepare for a Bruins team that will likely bring their best at the end and not give the Trojans many second chances on either side of the ball.

If Clay Helton continues his hot streak, though, and then tops everything off with a beat down of the Bruins, expect the Trojans to not hesitate in making sure that they keep him in town.