LA Clippers Continue To Choke


Once again, the LA Clippers can’t close out a game on the road after having a lead late in the fourth quarter.

Last night in Dallas, Chris Paul made a gigantic three pointer with the shot clock expiring to give the Clippers a two-point lead with less than three minutes to go in the game.

However, that was the last field go the Clippers made all game, after leading 106-104.

For some odd reason,m this team has a tough time closing games on the road this season.

The same nightmare still hasn’t vanished for this team.

Unfortunately, it happened last week against the Golden State Warriors and against the Houston Rockets.

These late game blunders had me thinking — isn’t this the reason why they signed Paul Pierce?

Pierce closed games well in his career and in Washington a season ago.

However, down the stretch in a few games this season, the ball has been in Blake Griffin’s hands and he turns the ball over time after time again.

For example, last night the Clippers were down two points with 1:52 left in the game and Griffin commits an unforced turnover.

The turnover led to Raymond Felton making a big shot to give the Mavericks a four point lead.

Griffin has to be sharp closing games if the ball is going to be in his hands.

He has made some big shots in the past but the trend lately has been him not coming through in the clutch.

Another example is against the Houston Rockets, where Griffin missed a few lay-ups in the last minute to tie the game.

Griffin is a big-time player and he needs to make those shots even if he is under duress.

I’ll raise the question again — why was Paul Pierce signed?

He was signed to close games and take pressure off Chris Paul late in games.

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He is named “The Truth” for a reason, Doc Rivers.

Put the ball in his hands and let him call game.

Nevertheless, the bright spot came from Austin Rivers who torched the Mavs defense with 16 points of the bench and 11 in that 4th quarter.

The only negative aspect about that is JJ Redick played only 14 minutes and shot 4-6 from the field.

Unfortunately, Redick had lower back spasms with and that’s a big loss for the Clippers.

Redick is averaging 15 points per game this season and his shooting was missed down the stretch last night.

Let me elaborate more how much the Clippers needed his shooting.

Against the Memphis Grizzles, JJ Redick scored the last 6 points to propel the Clippers to victory.

Redick is a huge piece to this teams puzzle and without him for a while, I don’t think they’ll struggle as much but his precise shooting will be missed.

Bottom Line: Lob City needs leverage.

Clippers will be in Phoenix tonight and hopefully they can close the game efficiently tonight.

The defense has to be better, can’t give up 118 points on the road.

For a team with championship aspirations, the defense must be sharper on the road.

Or else.