LA Lakers: Back Court Remains Coin Flip


The Lakers future back court must figure out their roles if they both want to be successful together.

Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell both have been playing with each other since Russell was drafted in June.

However, the chemistry is a struggle right now, due to the lack of knowing each others’ game — but I am optimistic about it improving.

For instance, against the Miami Heat, Russell made a few passes to Clarkson that resulted into turnovers.

It’s evident that Clarkson wasn’t ready for those passes.

It can be concerning at times, but I believe the chemistry will improve every game.

Clarkson is pure scorer and he knows how to get to certain spots on the floor and that is great.

As a matter for fact, he’s leading the Lakers in scoring this season and field goal percentage.

However, there are a few things I will like to criticize when it comes to Jordan Clarkson.

At times he is out of control when he goes to the basket; he needs to have two gears to his game.

Also, he goes one on one a little too much.

In addition, I like when he attacks the rim but I would also like to see him catch and shoot a little more often.

With that being said, Russell is a great passer and see’s the floor well.

He sees opportunities in a defense that the average NBA player doesn’t see.

Once again, I will criticize Russell’s game as well, since this whole thing is a two-way street.

He needs to be more aggressive coming off that pick.

Also, coming off that pick he has two options and that’s making an aggressive move to the basket or passing it out for an open three.

Clarkson developing a catch and shoot offensive skill will take both players games to a whole new level.

The same with Russell, if he can develop a nice catch and shoot offensive skill, it would add another dimension to both players game.

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For example, some offensive sets could have Clarkson being the dominant ball handler while Russell play off the ball more and vice versa.

It’s very similar to what Steve Kerr does for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

No, I’m not at all saying that these two can be like the Splash Brothers.

I am just giving an example of a certain offensive style.

Defensively, I can see Clarkson being a really good two-way player.

He competes at a high level on defense and his athleticism gives him an unchecked advantage.

Russell started off shaky defensively, but the last few games he has picked it up, and Byron Scott should get the credit for that.

Furthermore, Russell’s length really gives him an advantage over smaller guards.

Bottom Line: Chemistry and communication go hand in hand.

His feet aren’t as quick but those long arms will make it tough for guards to shoot over him and make clean passes at times.

Russell won’t be a lock down defender but I see him being a serviceable defender.

Going forward this back court has so much potential.

The ceiling is high for both these two guys as individual basketball players but as far as a duo, sky is the limit for the pair.