Kobe Bryant: The Greatest Of My Generation


We all knew the end for Lakers long time star, Kobe Bryant, was coming soon but we just didn’t know exactly when.

Unfortunately, now we know that this season will be Kobe’s last season as a professional basketball player.

As a fan, I have mixed emotions about this being his last season.

I remember watching him when I was a kid trying to imitate his every move on the playground at school.

Additionally, my first pair of Kobe Bryant shoes was back in 2001 and kids called them “space shoes.”

Kobe gave Laker fans and NBA fans so many great moments and memories that will never be forgotten.

Bryant is a global legend, and we all know that legends live forever.

Call me a baby, but I will shed a tear after Kobe’s last game and every time I shoot something into a trashcan I will forever yell “Kobe!”

Kobe is arguably the greatest Laker ever.

Personally, I would say he is the greatest Laker ever and the best basketball player I’ve ever see play the game.

I never had the luxury to see Michael Jordan until his very last season in Chicago.

20 seasons with one team and delivering 5 championships, 7 NBA Finals appearances and so many OMG moments that had kids like myself conversing about it the next day at school.

However, that brings me to one of my favorite Kobe Bryant moments — no, it’s not the 81 point game, and no it’s not the game-winner against the Suns in the 2006 playoffs.

It’s actually two regular season plays in the ’03-’04 season.

What made this moment so great for me is that it’s on the road against a bitter rival in the Western Conference.

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  • The guy guarding Kobe was dubbed “the Kobe stopper” due to one game he played great defense on Kobe.

    We all know Ruben Patterson was no slouch on defense but he wasn’t the Kobe stopper whatsoever.

    The shot to tie the game came with 8 seconds left and Kobe was trapped at the top of the key and already gave up his dribble.

    So he had to maneuver to the right using that great footwork just to get off a shot and he made it.

    I literally jumped up and down amazed at what Kobe just did at the Rose Garden in Portland.

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    The game went into overtime and with about 1 second left and down by 2, Kobe catches the ball again in a catch and shoot situation.

    He caught it, threw up the three pointer falling away making it more tough than the last shot to end regulation and it was nothing but net.

    And there I go once again shouting so loud admiring Kobe Bean Bryant greatness.

    That was the last game of the ’03-’04 season, and with that win the Lakers were catapulted into winning the Pacific division over their bitter rival Sacramento Kings by 1 game.

    Bottom Line: You cannot forget those of legend.

    Moments like that were just so great and fulfilling.

    The NBA will never have another Kobe Bryant and his greatness will never be duplicated.