FANchise Co-Owner And Former Chicago Bear Ray Austin Sits Down With LA Sports Hub

FANchise co-owner and former Chicago Bears player Ray Austin gave a special interview to LA Sports Hub.

As the experiment of giving fans total control over a professional sports franchise continues to gain momentum, individuals like Ray Austin become increasingly important.

Austin will oversee the football side of the spectrum, while the rest of the team handles responsibilities best suited and tailored to their abilities.

Building a diverse group of determined people is one of the biggest things that FANchise has done right, and Austin is ready to show that this project means business:

In another interview with Sohrob Farudi, I got to ask him about the potential for negative feedback from the fans or the league — in this case, the IFL — when giving so much authority to people that have wanted it, but haven’t experienced it like this before.

Steve Krakauer summed up a pretty good response, generally speaking, on his Twitter account:

FANchise had their own reaction to how John Scott made the NHL look foolish in their own All-Star Game over the weekend:

Austin emphasized that giving the fans the power to control where the team goes is the biggest part of this project and that he’s with it one way or the other — whatever the fans decide.

Fans wanted John Scott in the NHL All-Star Game this year, but the league did all they could to stop him from making an appearance; going to the extreme of even getting Scott’s kids involved.

Scott scored twice as the odd man out and the now-semi-pro hockey player established himself against the best in the game.

What does this mean for FANchise?

It boosts the idea that the can, have, and continue to get decisions right that a particular league, coach, or front office might not get right.

It makes you wonder, even in a league like the IFL, how successful this idea can be.

Being that the game of football is strategy at its most intense moment, Austin also clarified that fans wouldn’t be able to pick plays outside of the context of the situation.

Particularly picking an Aaron Rodgers-type Hail Mary on a fourth down in their own territory if it doesn’t win them the game or isn’t absolutely necessary.


Because as much as this is a fan project, this is an actual team that people are investing in — not just a parks and recreation kind of deal.

You can follow Ray Austin on Twitter at @rayaustin36 and learn more about FANchise on Twitter at @FANchise.

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