D’Angelo Russell Is Causing Serious Problems


D’Angelo Russell reportedly recorded a private conversation with Nick Young regarding women outside of personal relationships.

The Lakers rookie and first round draft pick is in the headlines again, but this time for the wrong reasons.

According to multiple reports, D’Angelo Russell is being shunned by the entire Lakers organization after a leaked video of a conversation with Nick Young about infidelity surfaced on the web.

Per a Deadspin report, the team won’t even sit with Russell during meals or meetings since the video’s release — his trust is gone.

Rolling Stone reports, however, in an awkward plot twist, that Iggy Azalea actually approves of Russell’s actions.

If you’re in Russell’s shoes, the only thing you can do now is watch your back.

In previous seasons, there was drama sometimes between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, but they were both able to look past that and leave their personal lives out of the work environment, which some tend to forget that the NBA is.

Realistically, it’s like having to go to work with a bunch of co-workers that no longer speak to you, but you still have a job.

Yes, it happens, but it’s not exactly the most inviting place to be anymore.

You’re just no longer welcome, even in the clubhouse or anywhere outside of work.

What makes it worse for Russell is that all of the reports coming out about the video and the situation seem to indicate that even the organization itself is distancing itself from the former Ohio State star.

A common thread in problems regarding the Lakers lately, though, has been Nick Young.

I understand he wasn’t aware he was being recorded in the conversation about an affair outside of his relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea, but he was also the center of attention a few weeks ago with Jordan Clarkson in an incident involving allegations of sexual harassment.

Young hasn’t been helpful on the court either, and at the core of all this, it should be him that we look at just as closely as we are looking at Russell.

Also, Russell is still a kid, especially in the eyes of head coach Byron Scott — Young, on the other hand, is just the opposite.

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It’s not uncommon, unfortunately, for professional athletes to snoop around too far into the business of teammates or even get into affairs while in a relationship, Young is just the latest to be at fault.