Lakers: Brandon Ingram will become a star next season

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

At only nineteen years old, Brandon Ingram is the most promising player on the Los Angeles Lakers. The sky is the limit when it comes to Ingram’s potential.

Brandon Ingram is untouchable within the Los Angeles Lakers organization, Magic Johnson said it himself. Coming out of Duke at only 18 years old, Ingram was one of the most promising prospects in the 2015 draft class. This promise convinced the Lakers to go all in on Ingram, selecting him with the second overall selection behind Ben Simmons.

Ingram’s inaugural season in the NBA was met with mixed reviews. Some expected Ingram to be a bonified superstar, this expectation only growing when news broke out that the Lakers gave Ingram Kobe Bryant’s old locker. Sure, it is trivial, but it was a sign to Laker fans.

However, fans that held these lofty expectations over Ingram’s head were only destined to be disappointed. Very rarely do we see a rookie break out and have an insane season like Karl-Anthony Towns, especially at only 19 years old. Ingram is still a kid, put it this way; he only graduated from high school two years ago.

Yet, despite only averaging 9.4 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game Ingram was included in the All-Rookie second team. Not the most decorated accomplishment, but an accomplishment nonetheless.

Yes, even though Ingram did not live up to his expectations he still played well, and quite frankly, played as well as any 19-year-old kid would. Love him or hate him the kid has game, we saw that blossom at the end of last season and we will only continue to see that transgress into next season.

Ingram struggled to score the basketball early last season, there were games that Ingram would be on the court for 27 minutes and only score four points. However, Ingram adjusted to this hurdle and made an immense improvement, playing extremely well at the end of the year.

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Just look at the last 17 games Ingram played in last season. He scored in double digits in 17 out of the 17 games, averaging 13.9 points per game.

Heck, the kid nearly recorded a triple-double against the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in December when he dropped nine points with nine assists and ten rebounds in the Quicken Loans Arena.

Last season we witnessed Ingram go from scoring three points in a game on February 15th to dropping 21 on March 21st. Just look at Ingram’s Summer League appearance in which he d

Just look at Ingram’s Summer League appearance in which he dropped 26 points in 31 minutes. Yes, it is an exhibition game and in the long run it won’t mean much, but Ingram was hands down the most polished player on that floor.

Ingram is making steps towards improvement for the Lakers, steps that are much-needed if the team wants to bring in superstars in the future. Watch out for Brandon Ingram this year, he will be special and he will be very dangerous.