Lakers could win the division if three things happened next season

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Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram challenge Kevin Durant and Steph Curry

This is actually going to be a bigger deal than you think. Just because it’s third on this list shouldn’t take away from the importance of it and what it would mean for Los Angeles and their situation.

Realistically, it’s uncertain if things could really take shape in Ball’s rookie year. But if it’s anything like we saw from him during Summer League, the Lakers are going to be just fine.

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Curry is one of the best shooters we’ve ever seen. That’s undeniable at this point, and the rings to go with regular season dominance speak for themselves. But what happens when Curry has a challenger in his own division outside of Chris Paul.

Running for the Pacific division crown is one thing, but having Ingram and Ball turn into a problem could be the ultimate Achilles’ Heel for the Warriors. Over the last three seasons, Chris Paul and the Clippers were the closest thing that Golden State had in terms of a challenger.

Considering how badly they flopped in the playoffs, Los Angeles was only a problem four years ago when they took out Golden State ahead of any finals berth.

If Ingram can lead the team in scoring and Ball can lead all rookies in assists, possibly even all point guards, the Lakers will be back in business. The potential for incredible chemistry is there, but Lakers fans don’t want this to turn into another Shaq vs Kobe ordeal.