Lakers could win the division if three things happened next season

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The next superstar attraction is around the corner

While it’s a summer too early, the Lakers have had a sort of pull that is hard for other teams to match. Sure, they had a rough patch over the last couple of years in free agency, but with a new front office, that is all behind them now.

Players that will be available via free agency include LeBron James, Paul George, Chris Paul, and Russell Westbrook. It could lead to more fireworks than even this summer when we had some key players switch teams.

The Lakers have been connected to the above stars in one way or another. Chris Paul has been a target for a while, but he may be the only player they have a hard pass on. Everyone else, including the league’s best player in James, is on the table.

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What’s even more bizarre is that there’s a chance that seeing stars come to LA or at least verbally commit or keep that option open could also bring down a big part of Golden State. Shooting guard Klay Thompson has expressed in the past similar interest in leading his own team like what Kyrie Irving has demanded in a trade request from Cleveland.

Los Angeles could easily be a trade destination for Thompson. His brother plays for the Dodgers and his father formerly played in purple and gold.

Without Thompson, the Warriors would be without one of their best shooters. Having Kevin Durant may make it easier for them to part ways with Thompson, but it’d be a whole new world for Los Angeles.

The reason that the Thompson scenario could affect this upcoming season is simple — if push comes to shove and the other domino pieces fall into place, he won’t be in his right mind. This could lead the Warriors to trading him during the season instead of after, which immediately boosts the Lakers chances of making the postseason and doing some serious damage.