Lakers: Julius Randle becoming more at ease from beyond the arc

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 22: Julius Randle
DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 22: Julius Randle /

Julius Randle of the Los Angeles Lakers has been improving his long distance game this off-season.

Julius Randle has been one of the foundational pillars for the Lakers the last few years. His athleticism is one of his gifts that helps him excel at the power forward position.

During his time in college, he excelled because he played to his strengths. Some but not all of his strengths include his physicality and his mentality. There have been rumors in the past that LA should trade Randle.

In the past, I agreed that the Lakers should trade him. My reasoning for LA trading him is one of his weaknesses that he doesn’t pass the ball that much. However, after viewing the performances he displayed in the 2017 season I think they should keep him. Displaying consistent double-doubles is his strength and why LA should keep him and has been.

By them losing Randle they will be losing a force in the front court they need. By the Lakers keeping him Brooke Lopez and Julius Randle will make for an exciting tandem duo in the frontcourt. Lopez for a center has a smooth jumper and three-pointer. Now add his dominance in the front court with Julius Randles’ skills they will be scary.

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Also, add the fact Randle has been improving his game from beyond the arc. Since Lonzo Ball is a passer that will rub off on his teammates and I believe Julius Randle will pass more than he has in the past. Randle will still score, but he will have another arsenal in his pocket.

Alongside becoming at ease with his three-point shot; Randle will become an all around power forward. Once he starts to pass more he will start posting triple-doubles.

Also, if he can earn assists to Lopez, he could possibly every once in a while grab a quadruple-double. This is rare, yet it is possible. Nonetheless, with Julius Randle crafting his game from beyond the arc the Lakers could turn into a serious offensive threat.

They will become an offensive threat because everyone will have their own skill set and then extra arsenals in their pocket. Randle’s shot from beyond the arc is a perfect example of this. It is an extra tool in his tool bag and makes him much more versatile and dangerous on the court.

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As the season progresses, and Randle gets more looks from beyond the arc, we will see how comfortable he really is.