Clippers could become preference for LeBron James

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While the Lakers have all the press looking at their next move, don’t sleep on the Clippers landing the league’s best player.

For all it’s worth, LeBron James leaving Cleveland at the end of next season is a foregone conclusion unless something miraculous happened. Kyrie Irving is now with the Celtics, and the front office’s collapse from within has James upset with the way things are going.

To avoid staying on the sinking ship, there are a few suitors for James heading into next summer. A possible reunion with the Heat and a star-studded decision to head for the Lakers are two things on the radar.

But we shouldn’t count the Clippers out of the conversation just yet. You have to go back to the Chris Paul chase for this, but the Lakers have had stars swept from their grasp by the Clippers before.

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Paul was traded from the then-New Orleans Hornets to the Lakers before the league vetoed the deal and gave the Clippers the chance to get their point guard. In the scenario with James, the way that the Clippers can jump on this opportunity is to offer an insane trade to Cleveland for LBJ.

Based on a hypothetical trade scenario from their trade machine, there’s a solid trade that would work out for both teams that’s actually highly plausible.

In exchange for James, Cleveland receives three players from Los Angeles. Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and DeAndre Jordan would all find new homes with the Cavaliers.

The reason Cleveland could take this bait is in part because of the Irving trade and the Isiah Thomas injury that they inherited. It’s been reported that Thomas could miss a large portion of the season, becoming irrelevant at that point if tensions rise between the team and James.

Lou Williams factors in as a solid shooting guard who could be Cleveland’s excuse to get rid of Iman Shumpert, who’s also requested out of Cleveland. Factoring in DeAndre Jordan was more of a cap move than anything, but if Tristan Thompson doesn’t produce, the Cavs would definitely be listening.

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It would definitely shake up the league if this were to happen, but the Clippers have to just wait it out for right now.