Dodgers will lose in NLDS for these three reasons

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Closing Thoughts

The reality the Dodgers are now in is again a hard pill to swallow. All of the winning seems like it made them too comfortable, and now they’ve gone from the team that can’t lose to the team that loses too much and often.

Right now the only low that the Dodgers haven’t reached yet is a point that fans might lose their mind. Should this downward spiral continue, the Dodgers risk losing their NL West crown to an Arizona team that has showed no signs of slowing down.

Unless Los Angeles can stop the bleeding by other means outside of a finally rehabbed Clayton Kerhsaw, things might get a lot uglier before they get prettier. Also, we don’t really know if we’ll see the same stud in Cody Bellinger come crunch time.

Losing last year’s Rookie of the Year in Corey Seager is also a blow to this team’s status and strength, but the ultimate test for them is whether or not they can pull through this together. If not, that talk of being the best team ever can be reflected on as nothing more than a jinx and the Dodgers are now paying the consequences for letting the winning get to them.

For the younger fan base, this type of what-if scenario isn’t unknown or unfamiliar territory. Give a conversation or two to the older fans — the ones around when the Dodgers last won the World Series — and they’ll tell you a heart attack story ever now and again.

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This is seeming to be heading towards one of those times, and the Dodgers might need a miracle to figure out what the problem is. Otherwise, they’re going to be left with too much water in the boat and at that point they won’t even be able to save themselves.