Rams rumors: McVay hasn’t ruled out Donald for week one

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(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

Since the NFL regular season starts this week Rams rumors have been quiet.

Aaron Donald has been the focus of Rams rumors with his contract holdout this off-season. Donald is still the hot topic of Rams rumors.

In this case it is for a good cause. Many critics, fans, people around the league think he won’t play in week one against the Colts at home. However, head coach Sean McVay has not ruled out Aaron Donald week one.

The Colts are already out playing without Andrew Luck which leans towards the Rams favor of winning. The Rams top ten defense improved in the offseason.

Whether Donald is playing Sunday or not they would have a good shot at winning. Now if Donald does come to terms with his contract the Rams improve their chances of winning.


Sean McVay hasn’t ruled out Donald for week one against the Colts. If he does play the Rams will destroy the Colts. If he doesn’t play they will still win but only embarrass their opponent.

Donald is a force to be reckoned with in the trenches. In a way he is kind of like decoy. Being a decoy allows his teammates to make plays in the backfield or down the field.

Aaron Donald has been known to be an all around vocal leader for the LA Rams. Donald and Barwin would make a stellar combo in the trenches disrupting opposing quarterbacks the whole season.

This will allow the linebackers and secondary to make plays. Donald is a leader on and off the field. His current situation with holding out may make it seem like he isn’t. However, he is a leader a key player to the Rams defense that they need in every game.

Additionally, if they make th playoffs they need him to stay healthy the entire season. Therefore if he does decide to miss game one by still holding out that could in the end all actually benefit the Rams.

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The uncertainty of whether Donald will play Sunday or continue to hold out and not play benefits the Rams to some degree.