Lakers News: Brandon Ingram says he will have breakout season

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

There has beenplenty of Lakers news surrounding the team itself and others interested in joining the team.

According to a report by Lakers Nation, current Lakers news has one of the starters, Brandon Ingram, saying he’ll have a breakout season.

Brandon Ingram is one of the players LA has been building around the last few years. During trade deadlines many teams offered the team good deals with their star players for him. For example, the Sacramento Kings were willing to part ways with Cousins and others for Ingram and others.

This just proves how valuable the Lakers starter is to LA. It also could be interpreted that once he reaches his prime how much of a threat he will be to opposing teams.

In the 2016/2017 he averaged 9.4 points per game, 4.0 rebounds per game, and 2.1 assists per game. These don’t look like good or great statistics, then again they are averages.

Brandon Ingram is a consistent player with his statistics. For example, he is able to score double digit points, then have 5 assists and rebounds each. He is capable of recording a double-double. He hasn’t accomplished this, but has come close.

Then again his job is to play defense, pass the ball creating plays, and score. This doesn’t mean he can’t crash the glass. Grabbing rebounds is part of the game and when he sees the opportunities he grabs those rebounds.

Think about the potential he has as he hasn’t reached his prime yet. Ingram will ned to consistently crash the glass as part of his breakout season. This will help him record double-doubles. Additionally, to justify his case of having a breakout season he will need to continue to pass and trust his teammates as well.

This will lead him to displaying his first triple-double as a Laker. When this happens, it will definitely be Lakers news.

Ingram is a small forward which means he will be guarding All-Star players this season in the likes of Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard. These are just some of the players that will make it difficult to have a breakout season.

This doesn’t mean he cant accomplish his goals he set out. He will definitely have to work to have a breakout season. Also, performing well against these guys will prove the Lakers will not need to go sign an All-Star small forward. This latest Lakers news of himself is difficult, yet still possible.

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By having not only a breakout season, but doing well against these players will prove Ingram is the next Lakers and NBA super star.