Clippers rumors: Clippers looking to add defensive wizard Tony Allen

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Since the Chris Paul trade, the only major Clippers rumors were surrounding Kyrie Irving. Now, the team may be looking to sign a defensive specialist.

However, new Clippers rumors have surfaced recently, regarding a veteran star player. This veteran player has guarded All-Stars all throughout the league. Not only did he guard them, he defended against them very well.

He is a player who is scrappy, smart, and understands the defense of basketball. His knowledge there is well versed. This player is guard Tony Allen.

One of the notable players he defended is Kobe Bryant. Bryant stated that Tony Allen is one of the best defenders he has faced. Allen is skilled; he can guard anyone if given the task, including Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard. There is something about his defensive presence that irritates the players on the opposite side of him on offense.

It is as if he harasses his opponents by being all around them and over them every play. He is like Wax on a surfboard; he doesn’t go away. This is what makes him an excellent defender. Tony Allen isn’t known for his offense but it has been improving over the years.

According to an article by Bleacher Report, the Clippers are exploring a sign and Trade with Tony Allen. The Clippers need another defensive presence in their back court and Tony Allen fits that build. Also, he has playoff experience which means he will click with the others. Allen averaged 9.1 points per game and 5.5 rebounds per game last season. This proves he is capable of earning a double-double while being a lockdown defender.

If these Clippers rumors were to evolve becoming true it would benefit both parties. I say this because LA needs another defensive presence to help them advance in the post-season. Yes, they traded Chris Paul, but in return received players who are talented offensively. Additionally, their defense compliments their offense. It is if they have a mix of balanced players such as two-way players and one-way players.

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For example, Patrick Beverly and Tony Allen, alongside DeAndre Jordan defensively is a threat, This trio will help win games for the Clippers. Also, don’t forget on offense their new point guard Milos Teodosic, Lou Williams, and Sam Dekker who are players that can score. Last but not least the balanced two-sided players they have included the likes of Austin Rivers, Danilo Gallinari, and Blake Griffin.

Many fans and critics think LA will not make the playoffs because they lost Chris Paul. What if I told you they still have a chance at making the playoffs.

Not only making the playoffs but making it as a 5 or 6 seed. Bringing in Tony Allen would help lift them to a higher seed. This is to say they all find their chemistry quickly and show it on the court.

Other than that they will all need to just stay healthy. The last time Doc Rivers built a balanced team was win he won a championship with the Celtics. I am not saying this is a championship team, but I am not saying it’s impossible.

Tony Allen brings that defensive veteran presence and a Finals experience. We often all forget he helped Doc Rivers win an NBA Finals Title with the Celtics in 2007.

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Now Doc Rivers should sign Tony Allen and hope he can do the same in 2017 but with the LA Clippers.