Dodgers: Three reasons they’ll end up losing the NL West

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The jinx on them is starting to feel a little too real

When the Chicago Cubs were presumed to be under a curse, it was hard to believe that they had finally won a World Series at the end of a wild playoff run last year. Now, it seems the Dodgers might be in a similar situation thanks to a cover of Sports Illustrated.

On the cover, SI begged the question as to whether or not this was the best team ever. At the time, they couldn’t stop winning, and it was starting to absolutely get ridiculous.

Late game hits that saved them, excellent pitching — it was all working out just like they dreamed it would. But now, the same cannot be said and in fact it is the opposite that is happening.

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Los Angeles is losing games in any way you could think of, and nothing seems to be able to stop the bleeding. It’s even harder when you can’t pinpoint the problem and the reality is that the Dodgers, as a whole, are doing this to themselves.

No team can just suddenly start losing like this, and the magnitude of their self-destructive behavior hasn’t even begun to be felt. Should the Dodgers be under some sort of bizarre jinx, as baseball has proven to be true at times with other teams, it would be a historic downfall.

Not even that long ago, the talk surrounding the Dodgers was that they were a lock for the World Series and we should all just buckle up for them to stomp over everyone in the playoffs. That assertion couldn’t have been more misplaced, as Los Angeles is now the team in dire crisis.

Let’s hope that whole jinx thing turns out to just be a scapegoat, and not the real cause of any of the issues they’ve been facing.