Los Angeles Dodgers: Yu Darvish and Cody Bellinger shine in win

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - SEPTEMBER 13: Cody Bellinger /

Going from the best team ever to a horrendous losing streak, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been the talk of the National League for all the wrong reasons.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a been a hot topic because they went on an unexpected losing streak. This losing streak caused many to question the team.

Few people had faith in the team as there was plenty of negative news surrounding them. They lost 11 even straight games before winning again on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Then on Wednesday Night September 13, 2017, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the San Francisco Giants. This is their second game in a row after a losing streak no one saw coming. Most would say this is positive news for the team, city, and its fans.

There were two players who stood out throughout the game and who helped lead their team to victory. Cody Bellinger and Yu Darvish are the two players who assisted their team in a dominant victory.

Bellinger had a good performance helping spark his teammates to prepare for October and the postseason. In the first inning, Bellinger hit a 2 run RBI triple to start things off. Then in the fifth inning, he crushed his 37th homer for another RBI giving the Dodgers a hefty lead. Bellinger had three RBIs’ this game.

The Los Angeles Dodgers weren’t messing around this game and well they never do. Tonight the Los Angeles Dodgers proved a point that together they can accomplish great things.

Also, speaking of accomplishing great things starting pitcher Yu Darvish was phenomenal for them. This team showed how dangerous they can be when everyone is on top of their game.

Darvish pitched seven innings allowing three hits, zero runs, zero walks and five strike outs. This has been his best performance since being signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It seems like Yu Darvish is finally comfortable. I mentioned in a previous article he just needs to find his rhythm. San Francisco was shut out the entire game until the ninth inning. In the ninth inning is where the Giants scored their solo run.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had seven hits to their opponents five and had four RBIs’ to their opponents one. Additionally, they had ten strikeouts and left seventeen people on base.

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This is the Los Angeles Dodgers team everyone knows is capable of winning the World Series and is dangerous when firing on all cylinders.