Lakers: Greg Monroe should become a target after this season

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 29: Greg Monroe (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
BOSTON, MA - MARCH 29: Greg Monroe (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

With a potential hole to fill at center in the 2018 off season, the Los Angeles Lakers would be wise to pursue current Bucks center, Greg Monroe.

The Los Angeles Lakers recently acquired Brook Lopez in a salary dump deal for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov. Although Lopez is great, he is on an expiring deal and may ask for a pretty penny once it expires. Lopez is currently owed $22 million this season, and with the way NBA contracts are trending, could even ask for an upwards of $30 million.

Whether or not Lopez is worth $30 million is definitely debatable. He is a solid center, yes, but he is not a superstar caliber player to build around. With the Lakers reported plans to go out and get two superstars, Lopez does not fit the billing. The only instance in which the Lakers should bring Lopez back is if he takes a significant pay cut.

However, if he understandably does not do so, the Lakers are going to need to go out and get a new center. If the Lakers rumors are true, that LeBron James wants to come to LA, then they are going to need to get a viable center. Ivica Zubac is fine and all, but he is way too green to be playing on a title contending team.

There is the superstar option of DeMarcus Cousins available. Cousins is set to be a free agent next off season and has had ties to the Lakers before. However, Cousins is not regarded as the best teammate by any stretch of the imagination and is not the kind of player you want to bring in with LeBron James.

That is where Greg Monroe steps in as the best option for the Los Angeles Lakers. Monroe, like Lopez and Cousins, is also on an expiring deal. While he is owed $18 million this season, Monroe does not have the same kind of star power and likely will take a significant pay cut next season.

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Monroe definitely is a solid addition to the team as well. Last season, he averaged 11.7 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game. Again, not the same caliber of Cousins or Lopez, but definitely still solid. With Thon Maker just waiting to become a superstar in Milwaukee, chances are the team will part ways with Monroe.

The Los Angeles Lakers could Monroe to a contract around the $10 million range, which is a very reasonable price and could be driven even lower with title promises.

If Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka can get rid of Luol Deng’s contract or Jordan Clarkson’s, they have more than enough room to also bring on two superstars.

Then, the Lakers could have a partnership such as LeBron James and Paul George, with Lonzo Ball running the point and Greg Monroe in the middle. With all the promise of Lonzo Ball, this team could become extremely deadly.

Overall, the Lakers are going to have to make some sort of move at center. Whether that move is resigning Lopez or bringing in a new talent is yet to be seen. However, if they do bring in new talent, Greg Monroe is their best bet.