Los Angeles Dodgers: Rich Hill leads LA to victory

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(Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

Rich Hill of the Los Angeles Dodgers pitched five good innings against the Washington Nationals

The Los Angeles Dodgers defense held their own in their victory tonight. They looked different than last night September 15, 2017. Last night they were dominant in their victory. However, once again the defense won the game for the Los Angeles Dodgers in back to back wins .

Additionally, the offense struggled tonight compared to last night. They only scored three runs compared to seven. Starting pitcher Rich Hill did his job, allowing only one run, one hit, one error, two walks, seven strikeouts, and one home run.

LA escaped with a victory tonight although they didn’t look great like they did last night. However, we were able to see two sides of the Dodgers of how they can win. They justified their win in the clutch and played defense when they needed too and last night they proved their offense can produce runs.

Los Angeles is starting to come around and click again. It seems as if they are all clicking on the same cylinder. On defense six different pitchers pitched and helped lead the team to a victory. The defense for the Los Angeles Dodgers keeps proving themselves worthy and capable of winning a World Series.

After Hill the remaining fiver pitchers together allowed, four hits, one run, had one error, zero walks, two strikeouts, and no home runs. These stats justify the defense can survive not only the blowout games, but the close games.

In the close games what help the Los Angeles Dodgers is their offense. Offense is what will lead you to the World Series and defense will win you the World Series.

Once the Dodgers can play at high levels on both sides of the field simultaneously, they will be unstoppable in the playoffs. All they need to do is trust their defense, while their offense produces runs.

Tonight they had thirty one at bats, three runs, off of seven hits, three RBIs, were walked three times, were struck out ten times, and they left seventeen people on base. Rookie Cody Bellinger tied the NL rookie home run record tonight.

Last night the Los Angeles Dodgers were setting records all night. They were setting records for players reaching the twenty home run mark in a single season. As of September 15, 2017 they were at four with two players at nineteen home runs for the season.

Also, remember this year they broke they record for the quickest team to reach fifty wins in a season. There is still more time for these players to break more records before the season ends. In order for the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series they must play defense and score runs.

Well tonight both sides of the field complimented each other. The offense seemed to lack and where it lacked the defense seemed to pick up and vice versa.

This is always easier said than done. As long as the Los Angeles Dodgers keep producing runs and playing defense at this level they have a chance at winning the World Series.

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They are just preparing for October and getting ready to make playoff run to win the World Series. This team is capable of it. Now it’s up to them to win it.