Lakers news: Jordan Clarkson wants to win sixth man of the year and games

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 20: Jordan Clarkson
CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 20: Jordan Clarkson /

In a report by Lakers nation, recent Lakers news include Jordan Clarkson wanting to win the sixth man of the year. Also, he wants to win something else.

In the latest Lakers news, Jordan Clarkson not only wants to win the sixth man of the year, but he wants to win more games. Of course, increasing the win total increases the chances of making the post-season, which is something the Lakers are hungry for.

Individual accolades are nice, yet they taste better when they win games. Also, they are nice when you know your team are the ones who helped you earn such accolade(s).

It is very likely Jordan Clarkson can earn the sixth man of the year award. He can earn this award, since he comes off the bench and is a defensive star who can score in any fashion. Additionally, he creates plays for his teammates, who in return create plays for him.

Clarkson last season averaged  fourteen points, three points, and two assists and he played in all 82 games. He is capable of bringing the team double digit points.

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Also, he is a fighter for the Lakers because of his love for the game. For example, last season he and Goran Dragic of the Miami Heat got after it. Their emotions got the best of the two as both their teams seasons were struggling. All this scuffle did was showed the passion for the game and that Clarkson has his teams back no matter the circumstance.

This aggressiveness and toughness displayed by him is what the Lakers need. If they are to win more games and have a chance at the playoffs they need to be able to push others around.

Jordan Clarkson can win the sixth man of the year award, however it won’t be easy with the likes of Jamal Crawford, Eric Gordon, Lou WIllaims, and others around the league capable of winning that award as well.

Let me remind you he wants to win games more. Also, in order to win the award your team must win games in the first place.

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This is just another display of Jordan Clarkson’s confidence and leadership with his team, that should translate directly into results next season.