Lakers: Los Angeles should bring in DeAndre Jordan next offseason

PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: DeAndre Jordan (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: DeAndre Jordan (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

There have been plenty of Lakers rumors around the team and potential superstars. One untalked about star is Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had quite the speculation around them despite not being relevant in the last five seasons. With Lonzo Ball now running the show in LA, the Lakers are one of the most polarizing and watched teams in the NBA. No, literally, Los Angeles is nationally televised 35 times this season.

You have no other choice than to watch the Lakers. But don’t worry, winning teams such as the Warriors, Rockets, Cavaliers and Thunder are all televised more. The rest of the NBA, well, you will get them when you get them.

All of this buzz has led to many Lakers rumors around what star the team will bring in next. For a long time it has been Paul George, for a short while it was either Chris Paul or Blake Griffin and most recently is was LeBron James. Awhile back it was DeMarcus Cousins (although that still makes sense) and who really knows who it will be next.

Well, we do. At least, we like to think we do. The Los Angeles Lakers have two expiring contracts in the starting five: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Brook Lopez. Caldwell-Pope cashed in to be an $18 million rental option at shooting guard that is not worth that kind of money. Lopez, he was acquired in the deal that sent D’Angelo Russell to Brooklyn.

While Lopez is great and all, he is not the kind of center the team needs. Lopez lacks any true, gritty interior defense and his rebounding is poor. Lopez only averaged 5.4 rebounds per game last season. Although he can space the floor nicely, evident from his 20.5 points per game last season, he lacks the most important aspects of a center.

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The other center in Los Angeles, DeAndre Jordan, does not lack in the same areas that Lopez does. Although Jordan cannot space the floor like Lopez, he holds the best career field goal percentage in NBA history.

With a player option after this season, Jordan is an easy target for the Lakers to go after. Jordan is a menace down low and would give the Lakers better production that Lopez would anyway.

Plus, the Lakers need another star to bring in the likes of Paul George. The front office wants two superstars, George wants two superstars and the fans want two superstars. If Los Angeles does not want to move the puzzle pieces of their roster around, bringing in a center in 2018 may be the easiest route to go.

Then, George gets the big name talent he so desires and Jordan gets a fresh start on a (hopefully) title contending team. If the Lakers trade Brandon Ingram for a superstar, there could be a serious big three in Los Angeles.

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Overall, although Jordan’s name has not come up in Lakers rumors yet, it is only a matter of time before it does. At least, it should, because it makes perfect sense for both sides.