LA Chargers have plenty of time to prepare for Jacksonville

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The LA Chargers aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The LA Chargers didn’t have the start to the regular season that they wanted, but after going win-less in their first four games, the Chargers stormed back to take their next three.

However, last week was an exception to that winning streak, as the Chargers were met with Tom Brady and company in a hard-fought 21-13 loss in Foxborough. It’s crazy this season when you look at how close the Chargers have been so many times.

Either the game coming down to a one score or one possession difference and the team not coming through, or things just quickly escalating from bad to worse. Now that they’re at 3-5, there’s still some hope to turn things around.

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Los Angeles will get a bye this weekend before heading to Jacksonville for a date with the Jaguars. LA will get a chance to prove themselves, as the Jaguars have shown that they’ve got one of the top defensive units in all of football.

Perhaps this means that the game will be low-scoring. That shouldn’t matter to the Chargers, so long as they can actually pull out the win in a close game. The good news moving forward is, at least for the time being, they’re no longer last place in their division as the Oakland Raiders continue to stumble.

So far this season, Philip Rivers has been alright, while Melvin Gordon could work on some things moving forward in order to be a bigger x-factor for his team.

Rivers has thrown 13 touchdowns but has also tossed six interceptions and has been dropped for 11 sacks. Meanwhile, Gordon has ran the ball 131 times for 526 total yards and an average of four yards per carry. His longest run of the season is 87 yards, and he has four touchdowns to his credit with zero fumbles.

If the Chargers can brace themselves for the game against Jacksonville, it will be the turning point in their entire season. However, if they’re not able to get around to it, we’ll all have to buckle up as the Chargers will probably finish mediocre like they’ve done in recent memory.

A loss to the Jaguars may also be the point at which the team starts speaking up more about being unhappy. It’ll also be telling to see how the fans react to either a win or a loss come that weekend.

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But as of right now, the Chargers are out of excuses.