LA Dodgers have history on their side in Game 7 of World Series

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The LA Dodgers have tons of history supporting them tonight in Game 7.

Los Angeles has had an incredible roller coaster year that will conclude on Nov. 1 with a Game seven against the Houston Astros at home. It’ll be the first time that the Dodgers will host a game of such magnitude in the World Series, and the best part is that they’ve got a little bit of history on their side as well.

You could look to just last season, where the Chicago Cubs stormed back from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the Cleveland Indians as a bit of precedent, but there’s more to it than that.

There have been five Game 7 opportunities in the World Series dating back to 2001, and the good news for the Dodgers is that the National League has been on the winning side four of those five times.

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Those instances include Chicago’s extra innings win last year, with the 2014 Giants, 2011 Cardinals, and 2001 Diamondbacks all being where the Dodgers will be tonight and executing.

The lone scenario where the NL team lost Game 7, at least since 2001, was when the Los Angeles Angels beat the San Francisco Giants by a score of 4-1 in the 2002 World Series.

What’s great is that there is even a take away from the lone NL loss in the time frame we’re talking about. The Angels were able to win the last two games of the series at home in that series to win it all, much like the Dodgers are tasked with in this year’s classic.

The Dodgers franchise has played in a Game 7 of the World Series before, but not since 1965. They have a 2-3 record in the five Game 7s that they’ve been a part of, winning the duel with the Twins in 1965 by a score of 2-0.

Their clash with the Astros has been a much different story, and it was hard to imagine how they might pull themselves out of the hole they dug when they lost a chaotic Game 5. In a game where scoring was not a problem for either side, Houston emerged victorious 13-12 in extra innings to take their 3-2 series lead back to Dodger Stadium.

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Thankfully, LA held their own to force a do-or-die situation. Hopefully they don’t blow it now, since the world will definitely be watching.