Lonzo Ball has had one defining statistic that might surprise you

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What sets Lonzo Ball apart might surprise you.

Coming out of college, the rage was all there with Lonzo Ball with regard to his passing abilities. Getting assists, sometimes even ones that turn heads, is still a major part of his craft, but it hasn’t been the only x-factor.

In determining how the Lakers do when Ball performs good or bad in certain categories, the one area that stood out was that of turnovers. In wins, Ball averaged under two turnovers per game while averaging around four turnovers per contest in games lost.

This correlated with how many points Ball scored, as the games with less turnovers produced double digit point performances for the rookie, whereas the latter produced an average of six points per game.

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This is said understanding the fact that Ball is obviously not perfect, but once he’s able to really establish himself as a guard that can take care of the ball better than anybody, he might be all that his dad thinks and says that he is.

Another odd thing worth noting about his turnover ratio is that he’s done noticeably worse in that area during games he plays on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. For whatever reason, Ball averages four turnovers on Friday games while the rest of the weekend he’s averaged five per contest.

Compare that to Wednesdays where he is averaging just one turnover and Thursdays where he’s averaging two and there is something else to be said from that. In order for the Lakers to be all they can be as a team, they need Ball to step up in the spotlight more than he already has.

What his numbers say about how he handles the rock on the weekend should tell us that he’s on the right path, but there’s still plenty of room for him to grow.

Lastly, he’s done much better with not turning the ball over at home more than anywhere on the road. For comparison, he averages roughly half of of the turnovers he commits on the road when the Lakers play at Staples Center.

Granted, he’s played more games there than anywhere else thus far this season, but that shouldn’t mean that it’s something to overlook.

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It’s an intriguing stat to consider when you think of the passing and scoring and even rebounding potential of a guy like Ball, but it’s there in the numbers, and it speaks for itself.