Lakers News: Five reasons starting Kyle Kuzma send the right message

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It’ll clarify the team’s ultimate test — free agency

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of the Lakers or not, their inability to really draw any superstars during free agency has not been a secret. Despite being one of the most decorated franchises of all-time, Los Angeles decided it had to clear house with the front office to try and get a grip on things in the summer of 2018.

It’s a time where Paul George, LeBron James, and others will all be hitting the market. Russell Westbrook, a Los Angeles native and former UCLA star, won’t be on the market thanks to the ridiculously expensive extension he recently signed to stay in OKC.

That being said, the Lakers have a tough draw on their hands before they even think about the summer opportunities.

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Now that Paul George isn’t with Indiana, but rather a potential championship team in the Thunder, luring him away would likely require the team convincing him that he’s the one piece they need to bring home another Larry O’Brien trophy.

If Kuzma is really doing as good as it looks like he’ll do, they may not even have to consider guys like Paul George or LeBron James. And sure, that might sound like blasphemy to some, but why go after a guy like George who could definitely mess with the team’s chemistry and vibe by then or someone like James where all of the attention has to be on him?

It wouldn’t make sense, particularly if Kuzma and Ball turn out to be the next best Lakers in a generation.

If they opt not to go for some of the stars that have come up in prior conversations, that would mean they’d have a whole lot of free money to work with. That’s not to say they wouldn’t be in the business of pursuing reasonable additions or assets, but there’d be no reason to throw all of your money at a superstar when you’ve established a dominant young core already.

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It would show the lack of vision and indecisiveness on the part of Magic Johnson — and that wouldn’t be a good look for LA.