Lakers Rumors: Three reasons they need to trade for Greg Monroe

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Thanks to Eric Bledsoe, they could pay an even cheaper price

After Phoenix finally found a place to send disgruntled guard Eric Bledsoe, it makes you wonder how happy they were with the return that they actually got. Greg Monroe really doesn’t do any good to the Suns, so they will be looking to deal him also, and as soon as possible.

This is confirmed by a tweet and report by ESPN’s very well-sourced Adrian Wajnarowski. Wajnarowski says that a trade involving Monroe is something that Phoenix is looking to pursue. The Lakers aren’t listed by name, but it would make sense to throw their name in the hat.

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If we are honest, the Lakers would be foolish not to try and improve their depth for a cheap price, especially knowing that it’s the Suns that are going to feel more desperate to make something happen than LA is.

Also, if the Lakers want to let guys like Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle go somewhere else, giving them a strong center in their part of the lineup would help expedite that process, if that is what one of their intentions at this point.

If Monroe was still in Milwaukee, the asking price in a potential trade to the Lakers would probably be much higher. This is also an opportunity for the coaching staff and front office to show what they can do with a big man who hasn’t had that explosion in his career just yet.

They’ve tried the super team route in the past, so maybe this would be a good alternative for the time being.