Lakers Rumors: Three reasons they need to trade for Greg Monroe

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It’s a quick alternative to get rid of Luol Deng

Because of the fact that Luol Deng has now made it clear that he doesn’t wish to play with the Los Angeles Lakers anymore, there is a chance for some mutual interest between Phoenix and LA to exchange stars to some degree.

Now they’ll definitely have an alternative avenue to deal with Deng, although a separate trade option would be something for the Lakers to also consider.

The biggest plus about offering Deng in this situation is that, financially at least, it’s an even trade. Monroe has a slightly more pricey contract, but only by $600,000 or so.

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If the Lakers were going to have that money on the books, the hope would be that Magic Johnson would realize paying Deng is a waste of money and waste of time while Monroe could be more of an investment.

Los Angeles would also not have to add any other pieces to a potential package, as a straight swap would be successful.

Monroe is a seven year veteran, and obviously has some cons when it comes to getting him, but LA could make it work. The worst case scenario here is they let Monroe walk in the middle of all of their one year deals they already have in the works.

This would also be a move to show that the team isn’t afraid of getting rid of pieces to the team that aren’t going to help them win big anytime soon. While it’s still up for discussion and debate as to who the top target will be in the summer, best believe that all of the ones that would ever consider the Lakers will be looking at how they handle it.

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They need to handle it like a business.