Lakers Rumors: The five best potential NBA Finals matchups

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Los Angeles vs. Cleveland

This might seem like more of a given, but this would actually be a series where the Lakers have a serious shot at winning. Before you go off saying that an assertion like that is out of touch or crazy, consider the bench match ups for a moment.

Los Angeles has found a consistent, high-scoring threat in Jordan Clarkson and it just so happens that he’s been able to excel off of the bench. Depending on whether or not Julius Randle gets traded before this potential matchup, he too poses a serious threat to Cleveland and isn’t part of the starting lineup.

We have yet to see how Isaiah Thomas fits in with Cleveland, as he has had to sit out thus far with an injury and after being traded from Boston in the off-season.

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The return of Thomas could be what derails the Cavaliers and their chemistry altogether after they’ve already had a surprisingly bumpy start to the season.

Consider also that we are all no stranger to a superstar leaving to a team that he can’t beat.

Kevin Durant made that famous with his infamous departure from Oklahoma City to join the Warriors en route to Golden State defeating Cleveland in the NBA Finals last year for the second time in three consecutive meetings.

Also consider all of the rumors pointing to LeBron James leaving Cleveland again and this time heading for the purple and gold. James has accomplished all that he has declared he would for the city of Cleveland, and the timing couldn’t be better for him to head to Los Angeles.

I give the Lakers the six game edge, mainly because of the fact that by this time the chemistry will already hopefully be booming in LA. If not, the hope is that Magic Johnson will know how to handle it and the Lakers will come out and really surprise us.

Overall though, Lonzo Ball will shine and ultimately attract James to come play with him, despite the negative energy Ball entered the league with thanks to his outspoken father.

Series MVP: Lonzo Ball

Result: Los Angeles in 6