Lakers Rumors: The five best potential NBA Finals matchups

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Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia

This is where things get really fun. Ben Simmons and Lonzo Ball both have their different ways of excelling in the NBA, and this matchup, particularly if it were to somehow happen this season, would give us a battle between two of the most hyped rookies in recent memory.

Since Simmons was finally able to take the court after sitting his true rookie season out while injured, he has stormed back with a vengeance and has given the Sixers life. Philadelphia also has potential from Joel Embiid, who was one of the better rookies a season ago before he too fell to injury.

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And if they could just get Markelle Fultz to be healthy they could have ended the bad juju, but they could still make it to the NBA Finals without Fultz if Simmons continues to be the real deal. The determining factor in a series like this would be who can crash 100 points first.

Both defenses give up an average of over 105 points per game, so in that case it would be a matter of simply who has the hot hand on any given night. The deal breaker for LA is their record away from home though, as they boast an atrocious 2-5 standing outside of Staples Center as of writing this.

What would make this so entertaining on top of all of the things listed above is the fact that this series would provide us a great battle of young talent and prove the theory of trusting the process one more time. Ball would be a play maker in this series, but the outstanding play of Jordan Clarkson will be what keeps the Lakers close.

However, I see the Sixers having a slight edge unless things take a different turn during the rest of the season. But this one would absolutely go all the way.

Series MVP: Ben Simmons

Result: Philadelphia in 7