Lakers Rumors: Three reasons it’s okay to trade KCP

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If LA doesn’t want Julius Randle, KCP helps them get a good return

Let’s not act like it’s really a secret anymore, the future of Julius Randle past this season — if he even makes it to the off-season as part of the Lakers — is in a lot of doubt. Shrouded by the fact that his attitude hasn’t been the greatest in a bench role, Los Angeles could look to send their former starting power forward packing sooner than later.

If they’re going to get the most out of a potential trade but don’t want to include Jordan Clarkson or another piece of the young core that another team would likely ask for, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could be a good piece to include in the deal.

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Add to the situation the fact that Caldwell-Pope’s contract doesn’t extend past the upcoming summer anyway, and it’s not like LA would be dumb enough to let him — or both of them — just walk into free agency.

Or would the Lakers be that foolish?

In any case, Caldwell-Pope can give another team the defensive presence that they might be missing or want to just add to. He was brought to the Lakers largely because Lonzo Ball was going to need help on defense while adjusting to the league, but that doesn’t mean a divorce from LA is forbidden.

Getting rid of Julius Randle could also come via potential trade involving Luol Deng, but this offers LA an alternative. Not that they would want to keep Deng also, but just to keep their options open depending on what goes on across the rest of the league.