Lakers Rumors: Team would be dumb to try and get rid of Jordan Clarkson

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The latest Lakers rumors address why the Lakers would be foolish to let go of one of their best players.

After the team decided to trade D’Angelo Russell over the summer, it’s hard to say that anybody is safe when it comes to the trade block, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to get a deal done. Jordan Clarkson has been at the heart of Lakers rumors pertaining to trade — just like his teammate Julius Randle.

What’s most interesting is that the Lakers seem to have this awkward eagerness to deal Clarkson for whatever they think a good return would be, but the hope is that they realize their mistake before they make it worse.

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Not only has Clarkson stepped up where Ball has not, but he is overall one of their best scorers that they have. Trading him makes little sense, even if the return looks or feels amazing for Los Angeles.

Granted, they may not make the right decision and still wind up trading him, but then again they could still come to if that was the direction they were leaning. With the fact still being that Lonzo Ball looks nowhere close to developing a good shot in the NBA, Clarkson’s success matters that much more.

Depending on how long the issue with Ball’s shot persists, Clarkson could be asked to step in if Ball is either benched for a certain amount of time or sent down to the G-League for some brief development on his game. If the Lakers pull the plug on the Clarkson, they are in essence preparing for not having a backup plan if Lonzo Ball continues to struggle.

Mind you, this is not just like a bump in the road. If this doesn’t get fixed with Lonzo as soon as possible, there will likely be some serious consequences to the team and they’re going to lose a lot of games.

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Bottom line: don’t trade Jordan Clarkson if you know what’s good for you.