Lakers Rumors: LA should bench Lonzo Ball for Jordan Clarkson

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The latest Lakers rumors looks at why benching Lonzo Ball, even if it’s just for a few games, is the right move.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no secret that the latest second overall pick by the Los Angeles Lakers has struggled scoring. However, he has successfully managed to get two triple doubles, becoming the first Lakers rookie since Magic Johnson to do so in his first season.

That hasn’t been enough to stop critics from pointing out his historic shooting flaws, even pointing to a complete change in his shot as the solution to the problem. Lonzo’s father has lately been vocal of the coaching of his son, saying that they’ve been too easy on his son.

While hearing more commentary from the outspoken Ball father can be annoying and frustrating, the point is made even by him that perhaps Lonzo needs a wake up call. Jordan Clarkson, the team’s back up point guard at the moment, has been playing well enough to be put in a starting role but the team hasn’t made the move yet.

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Maybe it’s a pride thing. It would be bad on the Lakers to have to do this, but it would seem that te consequences are even bigger than embarrassment if they don’t fix the playing woes of Ball soon. Any of this getting past his rookie season wouldn’t really be forgivable, especially because of the fact that Lonzo led us to believe all of the hype.

He’s not injured like Markelle Fultz, and he’s not looked at like just another role player for now like Jayson Tatum or Jonathan Isaac, so there shouldn’t bee too much fight when it comes to doing not only what is right for the Lakers, but also for their point guard of the future.

Benching Lonzo Ball would also be a way to send a message to the fans — both the people that love him and hate him — that it’s time to cool off and be a little more realistic now that they know what they’re getting.

It’s the right thing to do, and the Lakers won’t regret it. With that in mind, here are three reasons the team should bench Lonzo Ball in favor of Jordan Clarkson.