Lakers Rumors: LA should bench Lonzo Ball for Jordan Clarkson

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It’s the best way to really evaluate Jordan Clarkson’s trade value

I am personally not a fan of the idea of trading Jordan Clarkson, even if it’s in a package involving Julius Randle or Luol Deng. Clarkson has led the team in scoring for the majority of the season so far, and it’s only recently that Kyle Kuzma took that from him.

However, Clarkson hasn’t let that take away from his ability to make an impact on the team from the bench. He averages just above 15 points per game and could truly transform things as a starter. There is always the what-if scenario of the whole thing backfiring, but if it does that actually wouldn’t hurt the Lakers that bad at all.

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In fact, it would instead confirm their idea of trading him, and putting a package becomes much more sellable at that point. It also tells team a more certain tale of what they’re getting a player like Clarkson, and if he’s going to help them as a starter or be best as a reserve.

This comes in addition to showing the Lakers what they’re getting behind Lonzo Ball if and when Ball picks things back up. The other option for the Lakers is sending Lonzo Ball to the G-League where he could start and play against guys that he should be beating.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the Lakers are ready to accept the fact that a demotion is necessary for things to honestly work out in the long-term. Neither of those solutions will be things that LaVar Ball will like, but that’s why he’s not the coach — he’s just a concerned parent.

At the end of the day, the Lakers have to do what is best for them and nobody else. Their entire success of the future depends on how they handle this situation, so it is not something they can afford to take lightly.

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But knowing them, they might take it lightly anyway.