How the Dodgers can cement themselves as Fall Classic favorites this December

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The Dodgers are one big hitter away from being unbeatable

As for another slugger in the lineup, I really think it’s an addition that is necessary. The good news is, should the Dodgers not add to the offense, the lineup will still be close to unstoppable. But with another bat, Los Angeles could be close to unbeatable. Looking merely at hitting, the free agent I would sign is Mike Moustakas.

In 2017, he hit .272 with 38 home runs and 85 RBI’s. He’s a California kid and could fit in great with LA.

Here’s the problem: he plays third base.

The Dodgers already have a great third baseman in Justin Turner, and signing Moustakas means moving one of them away from the hot corner.

The most logical route would be for the Dodgers to sign a slugger who plays in the outfield. Jay Bruce is a great option, he hit .254 with 36 homers and 101 RBI’s in 2017 with the Mets and the Indians.

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That in mind, I’m not sure the Dodgers should sign him and signing Moustakas, in the Dodgers’ case, isn’t all that logical.

So, here’s what I think would be a good alternative — Los Angeles should sign J.D Martinez.

In 2017, Martinez hit .303 with 45 home runs and 104 RBI’s. Martinez will undoubtedly sign for a lot this offseason, but it’s a contract that the Dodgers can afford. Financial flexibility continues to be one of the Dodgers’ most important advantages.

As a fan, I see the Dodgers as a team filled with legends. I see them as this amazing organization that plays in one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. I see them now the same way I saw them when I was a kid.

As a writer, I see the Dodgers as a team that knows exactly what they are doing, and why they are doing it. I see them as the team who used the 10-Day DL more than most teams ever do in 2017, and things still worked out pretty well.

When I see the Dodgers, I see Enrique Hernandez hitting three home runs in the game in which the Dodgers won the pennant. I see LA as a team destined to defy reality; destined to rewrite the narrative of the game.

Los Angeles has an opportunity this December, the opportunity to strengthen a ball club that already stands as the early favorites to win the fall classic in 2018.

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In October, I wholeheartedly believed the Dodgers would win the World Series, and I see no reason to stop believing in that now.