Three reasons the LA Chargers can get to the Super Bowl

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Philip Rivers won’t go out without a bang

Philip Rivers can be one of the most underrated quarterbacks in all of football, but that doesn’t mean he can’t perform under pressure. It’s been a while since he’s seen the AFC Championship Game, but that’s something that’s absolutely attainable — and winnable — this time around.

A great comparison to Rivers from the NBA is that of point guard Chris Paul. Trying constantly to get past a certain point in the playoffs, but not able to conquer his playoff demons no matter what kind of team he has behind him.

Well, Rivers is going to make a fool out of everyone who said that the Chargers were a joke. It’s been a long road to even get to this point; one that started when LA came out with their horrendous new logo and Twitter lit them up for it.

We’ve got to understand that Rivers is going to have to carry the burden of being the team’s whole emotional leader from this point in the season on. He’s a seasoned veteran, so it would be surprising to see him crack under pressure.

But look, if there was going to be any quarterback that was going to put an end to the ridiculous reign of terror in the AFC that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have mustered, it’d be Rivers.

Like Chris Paul in basketball, Rivers is the one star who’s good at his job and more than capable of coming through and delivering a championship. It would be a ridiculous achievement, but these Los Angeles Chargers have proven that they’re much more dangerous than they get credit for.

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And all of that can be traced back to their leader and quarterback.